Y.A.N.T.A. (You Are Never Too Ambitious)

A virtual reality environment for somatic self-care by MAAU Studio.

Can the current technologies be tools for self-care wellness instead of intense productivity?

After a long day of work, you switch from your office room to your living room and you put on your VR headset. You have landed at a random location on a floating island. You are the only one there. Contemplate and interact with your shadow, a tool that will allow the conversation with yourself.

Facing the current pandemic, work is ubiquitous, taking over health and creativity. Seeping into our rhythms, relationships, values and even our bodies - all of which bend, flex and contort towards efficiency, production and competition. There has never been a time when work has dominated our lives as much as in the digital age, claiming our energy, health and creativity.


Y.A.N.T.A. standing for ‘You Are Never Too Ambitious’ is a virtual reality environment for somatic self-care. A poetical, emotional and artistic ritual to train individual agency, in other words: an alternative to traditional health care, to anticipate anxiety, burn-out, and depression.


Wander and discover the environment, acknowledge the present time. Engage with your inner-self, in an abstract and soft way, through your digital shadow. Experiment body movements and its representation with the landscape. The shadow, here, is a tool, that you can make interact with the landscape, to allow the conversation with yourself and start to release intuition and spontaneity.


Featuring this virtual environment within one’s living room, her goal is to shape the ways that we are structuring our lives, allowing more time for caring and creativity instead of intense productivity.

A therapeutic tool

In between art and video games

The effects of Y.A.N.T.A.

Using Y.A.N.T.A. through time

A moment of alterity

The power of the digital shadow

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